Novotel Century Hong Kong Supports Earth Hour 2012

Earth Hour 2012 – Hong Kong (8:30-9:30pm Mar 31, 2012)

It’s Earth Hour this Saturday! What are you going to do in the dark? We would like to know how you celebrate Earth Hour. If you are interested, leave a comment or message.

Novotel Century Hong Kong hotel has committed to Earth Hour 2012 and we would appreciate your support to demonstrate our commitment by turning off the lights in your room.

Earth Hour 2012 will take place on Sat, 31 March from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. Hong Kong, will again, together with other Chinese cities be part of this global campaign. Earth Hour will continue to be a call to action to everyone around the world and lead the global journey to a sustainable future.

Novotel Century Hong Kong will dim the lights at hotel lobby, Pepino Italian Restaurant, the perimeter of the hotel and the car park during Earth Hour.  We invite you and your friends to save electricity by switching off the lights in the room for the future of our planet.

The annual global ‘Lights Out’ event for Earth Hour 2012, which takes place at 8:30pm on Saturday, 31 March, is fast approaching. WWF-Hong Kong is keen on helping everyone get ready for this significant night and to “Go beyond the hour”. WWF has prepared a variety of fun activities and items to help the public live a sustainable lifestyle every day.

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More details about Novotel Hong Kong Century Hotel and conventions in Hong Kong:


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