Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance @ Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival

When the people of Tai Hang village miraculously stopped a plague with a fire dragon dance in the 19th century, they inadvertently launched a tradition that has since become part of China’s official intangible cultural heritage. The village has since been replaced by a city, but the ceremony lives on.

Three days, hundreds of performers, tens of thousands of sticks of incense and a 67-metre dragon that wends its way through the crowded streets in a spectacle of fire and fury. Traditional, timeless yet vibrant — this is Hong Kong like you always dreamed it would be.


How to get there from Novotel Century Hong Kong:
From Novotel Hong Kong Century Hotel, take MTR (subway) from Wanchai Station to Tin Hau Station Exit A1, cross King’s Road and turn right. Walk straight to the junction of Causeway Road and Tung Lo Wan Road on the left to enter Tung Lo Wan Road which leads to the Tai Hang area.


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